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Running club "Team Shintaku"





Utilizing the skills of former Japanese marathon representative "Masanari Shintaku", we will maintain and improve people's health and make friends through running, and by promoting long-distance runners and improving competitiveness, we will represent Japan. The purpose is to form a "sports community" and a "runners community". At the same time, we will contribute to the creation of a safe and secure environment, including the development of evacuated land, and the revitalization of the region through exchanges with the region. Please feel free to join us with your friends.




"Team Shintaku" will carry out the following business to achieve the purpose.


  1. Guidance business for general runners and juniors

  2. Guidance and training business for athletes

  3. School physical education support business

  4. Sports event planning and management business

  5. International exchange business by sports

  6. Local community revitalization project

  7. Health program development business

  8. Contact activity support project through sports

  9. Contract business such as sports classes

  10. Other





Introducing the organizer


Hisatoshi Shintaku (Nagato) Renamed June 18, 2012

Born in December 1957. Born in Hiroshima prefecture.















In the Hakone Ekiden, which he participated in when he was at Nippon Sport Science University, he defeated Waseda University, which has Toshihiko Seko, and won the overall championship.

After that, he was a key player who supported the golden age of the Japanese marathon world during the SB food track and field club era.


A super runner who represented Japan in different events from the Moscow Olympics, the Los Angeles Olympics, and the Seoul Olympics. After retiring from the front line, he will focus on social development and regional revitalization through sports as a director of the "Physical Education Advancement Center" of the Mitsui Sumitomo Athletics Club and the physical education prep school.



Competition calendar


Olympic Games

1980 22nd Moscow 3,000m steeplechase
5,000m representative from Japan

1984 23rd Los Angeles 10,000m Japan National Team

1988 24th Seoul Marathon Japan National Team


Asian Games

1978 8th Bangkok 3,000m steeplechase championship

1982 9th New Delhi 5,000m championship

1986 10th Seoul 10,000m championship


International convention

1980 DN Galan International Land 3,000m Obstacle 2nd (Japan record at that time)

1981 World Record Challenge Competition 30,000m
15,000m2 (World record at that time) (Japan record at that time)

1982 8 countries land 5,000m 2nd place (Japan record at that time)

1984 Karatsu 10-mile road race championship (currently Japan record)

1987 Oslo International Athletics 3,000m 8th (Japanese record at that time)

1989 All Japan Business Group Half Marathon Winner (Japan record at that time)


Domestic tournament

1978 Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip Kanto University Ekiden Tournament 4th Ward Winner

1979 Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip Kanto University Ekiden Race Tournament 5th Ward Runner-up

1980 Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip Kanto University Ekiden Tournament 2nd Ward Winner

1977 Japan Championships in Athletics 3,000m steeplechase championship

1978 Japan Championships in Athletics 3,000m steeplechase

1979 Japan Championships in Athletics 3,000m steeplechase

1980 Japan Championships in Athletics 3,000m obstacle 5,000m championship

1981 Japan Championships in Athletics 5,000m championship 10,000m championship

1982 Japan Championships in Athletics 3,000m steeplechase

1983 Japan Championships in Athletics 3,000m obstacle championship 5,000m championship

1984 Japan Championships in Athletics 10,000m championship

1985 Japan Championships in Athletics 10,000m championship

1985 Fukuoka International Marathon Winner


Dispatch of leaders and lecturers




Utilizing the various skills of our company, we will dispatch instructors and instructors related to sports who belong to or register with us.

Please feel free to contact us.





Instructor / Lecturer introduction







Hisatoshi Shintaku (SHINTAKU MASANARI)


Specialized field Athletics (long-distance) Practical training and lectures
• Health promotion through jogging
• Basic practice for citizen runners
• Athletes training






Takehiro Sonohara (SONOHARA TAKEHIRO)


Specialized field Athletics (long-distance) Practical training and lectures
• Health promotion through walking
• Exercises for the healthy growth of children
• Athletics (racewalking / running basic training)

Main Results Barcelona Olympics 50 km Racewalking Japan National Team Atlanta Olympics Athletics Team Coach






Megumi Oshima (OSHIMA MEGUMI)


Specialized field Athletics (long-distance) Practical training and lectures
• Health promotion through athletics
• Jogging instruction
• Athletes training

Profile Graduated from Saitama Sakae High School.

Selected for the Sydney and Athens Olympics in track events.

In the marathon, he was selected as a representative at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics Helsinki and won a silver medal (group).

Japan's leading speed runner that can handle a wide range of competitions from tracks to marathons.

There is also a lot of interest in dieting from an athlete's point of view.

Obtained junior vegetable sommelier and junior athlete food meister qualifications.






Eiichi Yoshizawa (YOSHIZAWA EIICHI)


Profile Date of Birth: September 5, 1980 Birthplace: Nagano Prefecture Player Career: Iida High School → Meiji University → Hasegawa Sports Facilities Co., Ltd.

Major Competition Results • Paris World Athletics 20 km Racewalking Japan National Team (2003)
• Asian Championship 20km Competitive Gold Medal (2002)
• World Cup Racewalking 20 km Racewalking Japan National Team (2002)
• Kanto Incare 10000m Racewalking 3rd consecutive victory (2000-2002)
• Japan Incare 10000m Racewalking 2nd Consecutive Championship (1999-2000)
• National Sports Festival Boys' common 5000m racewalk championship (1998)
• 20 km walk: 1 hour 21 minutes 57 seconds
• 50 km walk: 3 hours 51 minutes 37 seconds
• 10,000m Racewalking: 39 minutes 57 seconds 06






Takayuki Nishida (Ryuui Nishida)


Profile Date of Birth: April 26, 1977 Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture Player Career: Sano Nihon University High School → Komazawa University → S & B Foods / JAL Ground Service

Main competition results • Canada Edmonton World Championship Marathon Japan National Team 9th place (group silver medal)
• Universiade Spain Majoroca Tournament Half Marathon Silver Medal
• Winner of the 50th Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon [Self-record]
• 5000m: 13 minutes 57 seconds 30
• 10000m: 28 minutes 40 seconds 00
• Half Marathon: 1 hour 2 minutes 34 seconds
• 30km: 1 hour 30 minutes 09 seconds
• Full Marathon: 2 hours 8 minutes 45 seconds

* Reprinted from NRC (Nishida Running Ciub) blog







Mayumi Ichikawa


Major competition history • Seoul International Half Marathon 1 hour 14 minutes 32 seconds Winner
• Miyazaki Women's Half Marathon 1 hour 12 minutes 22 seconds Winner
• Nagoya International Women's Marathon 2 hours 27 minutes 57 seconds 2nd place (top Japanese)
• Seville World Athletics 2 hours 32 minutes 01 seconds 17th place (group gold medal)
• Hokkaido Marathon 2 hours 32 minutes 30 seconds Winner
• Nagoya International Women's Marathon 2 hours 27 minutes 22 seconds 7th place (* personal best record)
• Hokkaido Marathon 2 hours 36 minutes 13 seconds 2nd place

Profile [Media appearance]
• Toranomon Sports (TV Tokyo)
• Tokyo Cable TV Pilates for running All 4 times
• Explanation of the Wakura Manyo no Sato Marathon
• About 10 times in Tokyo FM, J-WAVE running project [Book]
• Mayumi Ichikawa's Run & Pilates (by Runners)
• Anyone can finish the race! Running beauty (Ei Publishing)
• An unlikely marathon textbook (by Runners) co-authored

Many other Pilates guidance to companies and organizations


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