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  • An article was published in the magazine "OCEANS".


    Food additives (seasonings)


    This product is a food additive listed in the seasoning column of the list of existing additives: taurine (extract)


    Taurine is abundant in seafood and animal bile.

    Taurine is divided into “food additives by natural extraction” and “pharmaceuticals by chemical synthesis”.

    Naturally extracted taurine is approved for use as a "food additive (seasoning)" and is also added to infant formula.

    Charme Karen Taurine (extract) is "taurine (extract)" listed in the list of existing additives established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and is a food additive (seasoning).


    Name: Food additive (seasoning)

    Ingredients and weight %: Taurine (extract) 100%

    Total content: 30g (1g x 30 bags)

    Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place



    [Nutritional information display]


    Per bag (1000mg)

    Calorie 4kcal

    0.68g protein

    Fat 0.0g

    Carbohydrate 0.32g

    Salt equivalent 0.0g

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