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Starting with POPS, he has participated in many works such as movies and commercials as a music producer and track maker. ​The unique creation of sound produces delicate and bold tones regardless of genre.In addition, the J-POP group "Cyclamen", in which he participates, has been active on the front lines for many years.​The latest album ranked 2nd overall on iTunes and 1st on J-pop.

​ Partial excerpt of the work I was involved in


Sakurakai/Yuzu (concept track make-up)

Tokorozawa/Yuzu (Arrangement)

Definition of Happiness/Yuzu (Arrangement)

Itsuka, Kanata Haruka/ (composition/arrangement)

Mousou☆Koukan Nikki/Otome Shinto (composition/arrangement)

Viva! Otome no Daibouken!!/Otome New Party (composition/arrangement)

Light bulb REMIX "Hotahika ~I don't want to go home yet, firefly light~" (composition/arrangement)

NHK Radio 1 "Rajira!" Program theme song (composition/arrangement)

ible "Portable Air Purifier - Airvida" Shibuya Ai Vision CM song (composition/arrangement/mix)

Involved in composing and arranging music for movies and commercials

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