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harbin beer

Harbin Beer is a beer produced in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Manufactured by Harbin Brewery Group. This company, headquartered in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is the oldest beer company in China, founded by Russians in 1900, and the origin of the Chinese beer industry. Tsingtao Beer is more famous in Japan, but Harbin Beer has a longer history. In 1937, Dainippon Beer was also involved, and now ranks fourth in China. In 2003, it was acquired by Anheuser-Busch in a takeover battle with SABMiller, and the latter was acquired by InBev in 2008 to become Anheuser-Busch InBev. In Harbin, it is abbreviated as 'Harpy'. Harbin's proud beer, which can be found in any store in Harbin. Light and fruity taste. Per capita beer consumption in Harbin is said to be the second largest in the world after Munich in Germany. The city of Harbin, which has a history of beer culture for over 100 years, hosts the Harbin International Beer Festival every year. The beer festival features a variety of events such as a drinking contest, horse-drawn carriage parade, beach volleyball, and singing and dancing. In the summer, a beer garden opens in Chuo-Ogai.


Harbin beer history


1900 Established as the oldest beer company in China under the guidance of a Russian visitor 

1937    Exchange with Dainippon Beer, the predecessor of a Japanese beer company 

1950 Official name changed to Harbin Beer Group Co., Ltd. (current company name) 

2003  Under the umbrella of Anvisor Bush due to takeover battle 

2008  Amvisor Busch acquired by InBev and becomes part of AB InBev 

2010 South Africa World Cup official sponsorship

Official sponsor of the 2012 NBA

2014 Brazilian Cup Official Sponsor

2015 Ranked 7th in the Top 10 Most Valuable Beer Companies in the World

Ranked 8th most drunk beer in the world in 2016

2017 Acquired 4th place in Chinese beer market share

2018   Top 10 Most Valuable Beer Companies in the World Ranked 5th

2019   Ranked 4th in TOP 10 of the world's most valuable beer companies 


Top 10 most valuable beer companies in the world 


Harbin Beer is always ranked high in the ranking of the world's top 10 most valuable beer companies, which is announced every year by British Brand Finance. We won 4th place. This ranking is higher than any other beer company in Japan or China. It is proof that Harbin Beer is recognized not only in China but also in the world.


Harbin Beer 330ml   alcohol content 5.5%

In contrast to the taste of wheat in the mouth, it is characterized by a fruity, non-bitter aftertaste.

It is the most popular beer among Harbin beer and recommended for beer lovers.


Harbin Beer 610ml   alcohol content 5.0%

It is characterized by a light mouthfeel and an easy-to-drink taste without bitterness.

It is a beer that can be enjoyed refreshingly while having a meal, such as Chinese food or grilled meat.


Harbin Beer Wheat King   Alcohol 3.6% (To be imported)

Among the Harbin beers, this beer has the strongest wheat aroma. Fine bubbles unique to wheat,

Characterized by a light texture. It is an easy-to-drink beer with a strong wheat flavor.


Harbin Beer Ice Beer   Alcohol 3.6% (to be imported)

Beer produced by cooling the water to -2.2 degrees during the process. It feels like when you put it in your mouth

You can feel the coldness of the beer as if it were filled with ice, making it a refreshing beer.

We are looking for distributors and distributors with the aim of popularizing Harbin Beer in Japan.

​ Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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