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We focus on "Japan and overseas", "regional development", and "a rich life for people". With the goal of designing a society and our lives to be more prosperous together with all of us, we are delighted to devote ourselves to daily design.

​SD Corp. staffs

Our brand "C & K Sharm Karen"

"Asia Golden Star Award"

Won the product award at.

Our brand "C & K Sharm Karen"

"Asia Golden Star Award"

Won the product award at.

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2020.11.19 . YOUTUBE NEW video has been uploaded


2020.11.06 . YOUTUBE channel "It's SD Time It's Esdie Taimu" has been opened


2020.11.02. ★ Start of crowdfunding projectto develop original supplement containing "NMN"

2020.10.23. ★ 11.02. ~We are planning crowdfunding for the development of supplements containing "NMN"


2020.09.02. ★ Started business alliance with Vietnamese company (located in Hanoi, capital)


2020.08.24. ★ Website renewal ★


2020.08.24. ★ Taiwan Mango Reiwa 3rd year handling agreement with Taiwan affiliated companies


2020.07.23. ~ 2020.08.29. ★ Expansion of new coronavirus infection As a store version of a new lifestyle
             Conducted kitchen car sales demonstration experiment


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- Design regional development -


- Designing exchange between Japan and overseas -

Connecting domestic and foreign businesses

Expand your horizons not only in Japan but also overseas, and connect the businesses of Japanese companies with those of overseas companies. Or build a business bridge.

- Design regional development -


Planning and operation of various events

​Various events that can only be done in that area. We want to discover the goodness rooted in the culture and roots of the land and create a place to enjoy it.

- Designing a rich life for people -


Planning and sales of health foods

One piece that supports you happiness.

The piece is sure to be healthy.

We will help you in your happiness continuity plan.

- Other -


All business related to Social Design

I want to make it.

I want to create it.

I want to design it.



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